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SOLAR ADDRESS Mailbox POST | Led | Illuminated Cutout Address | Beautiful Solar Powered Street Number Post | Lighted Yard Sign - Standard

SOLAR ADDRESS Mailbox POST | Led | Illuminated Cutout Address | Beautiful Solar Powered Street Number Post | Lighted Yard Sign - Standard

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Made using a 5"x5"x42" PVC upright post sleeve, the addresses are computer cut into the post and backed by white acrylic to last years and years. Addresses backlit using LED light that is solar powered. Post colors are our proprietary rich texture hardcoat with your choice of 9 colors. Our posts will not rust or rot. Designed for long term outdoor use.

The overall post height is 42" tall and the mailbox sits at regulated rural mail delivery height.

The addresses are inset into each side of the post for people to view from either direction while driving down the street. Installation is straight-forward, simply mount over an existing treated wood 4x4 post (nominal 3.5" x 3.5") or install a new treated wood post (not included) in the ground. Use screws to attach the PVC post sleeve to the treated wood post.

Your Mailbox post should remain in place for years and years, maintenance free to help direct friends and family and deliveries as well as your mail directly to your door.


Your mailbox address post has a solar light and solar panel that lights the interior of the mailbox support arm to illuminate the letters at night. Where you install the post matters - the sunlight should hit the solar panel and the post should cast a well defined shadow for 4-8 hours per day to receive the longest charge for the battery. Since the battery is depleted every night, no matter where you install the address post, there will be some days where there is not enough sunlight and the solar cap will not receive sufficient electricity to fully charge and therefore the post will light only for a short time and sometimes will not light at all. Most nights it will illuminate, we just want you to have a realistic expectation. Also, on those nights where it does not light, it still has high contrast so that the pizza driver will easily see your address. As with all solar gizmos you can currently buy, this is to be expected and does not indicate a failure of the solar cap. In winter, the sun’s rays hit the earth at a shallow angle. These rays are more spread out, which minimizes the amount of energy that hits the solar panel, and then it will not last as long into the night as in spring, summer and early fall. Be sure to regularly clean the cap and remove dirt, snow, and ice from the solar panel.


We offer a medium size plastic mailbox for your convenience. We do not make it. It is constructed from durable plastic and will not rust or dent. It is 35% larger than standard mailboxes. It is approved by the United States Postal Service. When you choose this option, all screws for mounting are included and mounting plate is sized perfectly for easy installation. Size of the mailbox is 7.6 in wide x 11.25 in high x 19.5 in deep - 1097 cubic inches.

Installation / Mounting

The Solar Address Sign Post will need to be installed where the solar panel receives sunlight throughout the day. If mounted in a shady location it will not work properly. The light may or may not stay on until the morning, but it should turn on automatically every evening once charged and last for a number of hours. If the length of time that the light stays on is diminishing it may be time to replace the batteries (see solar panel section below).

Insert the mailbox support arm into the large holes in the vertical post sliding it through until you see the holes on each side line up. Insert the four mounting screws to fasten the mailbox support arm to the upright post. The mailbox support arm will have further support inside the upright post in addition to the four screws from the internal solar light brackets.

The solar panel is separate from the post for shipping purposes. It is designed to be mounted on all 4 sides of the upright post at the top (this enables the solar panel to be placed on the upright face that is pointed South for best capture of the sun's rays). We do not predrill holes on any of the 4 sides - you will need to do this since we don't need unnecessary holes to show on the sides where the solar panel is not mounted. Flip the switch on the underside of the solar panel to ON.

Dig a hole for a 4x4 treated wood post (not included) and backfill. Slide the mailbox post over the 4x4 treated wood post. Drill 2 holes through the pvc post sleeve to attach the post sleeve to the treated post (not pre-drilled so you can determine the best place for them for your needs). Screw two screws into the holes to fasten the mailbox post to the treated wood post.

With Mailbox - set mailbox on mounting board and fasten the 4 screws.

Without Mailbox - we have included two 1” PVC mounting boards - these may or may not work with your mailbox. If they work, they are designed to be mounted perpendicular to the mailbox support arm - you will need to cut them to length to fit within the mounting lip (on the bottom) of your mailbox and space them so they align with the mailboxes mounting holes - then screw them to the support arm and screw the mailbox to the mounting boards.

Solar Light and Panel

Remove the protective plastic from the solar panel.

Let the panel charge in full sun for a complete day before expecting the sign to backlight. On cloudy days and in winter the solar panel will not generate as much electricity and the batteries may not be charged to full capacity. On those days, the light may not last as long into the night and this is expected as with any solar device.

The solar light inside the upright post includes two rechargeable 3.7V batteries which will need to be replaced every so often. When the batteries needs replacing you can get new batteries at any big box hardware store in the solar lighting section. Choose a Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) 3.7V battery with the highest milliamp hour (mAh) rating available at the store. The mAh will be written on the batteries to be able to make this choice. NEED INFO HERE ABOUT REPLACING BATTERIES

We craft these under license from U.S. Patent 8,631,998 B1.

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