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Solar Backlit ADDRESS NUMBER POST, with cutout Welcome, Family or Peace & Symbol, 9 Rich Texture Colors, 3 sided, 32 or 42" lasts years

Solar Backlit ADDRESS NUMBER POST, with cutout Welcome, Family or Peace & Symbol, 9 Rich Texture Colors, 3 sided, 32 or 42" lasts years

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Help your delivery drivers and guests find your address fast!

Made using PVC post Sleeve material, your word of choice of WELCOME (& pineapple symbol), FAMILY (& family symbol) or PEACE (& peace symbol) is custom carved into the front of the post and backed with translucent white sign acrylic. Also, your address is personalized with up to 6 digits in a large backlit window on the left and right sides for maximum visibility. We texture every post with your choice of 9 colors of our rich hardcoat surface to beautify and protect it. Our posts will not rust or rot. Designed for long term outdoor use. The address number and welcoming word will be solar LED backlit illuminated. The difference between the 32 inch and 42 inch heights is the 42 inch adds 10 inches of height at the bottom to raise the address higher off the ground. These lightweight easy to mount Address posts are great for helping to direct anyone to your property. Just pound the steel stake into the ground and slide the post sleeve over it. Installation should only take a minute or two. Gravity will take care of the rest and your address post should remain in place for years and years maintenance free to help direct friends and family and deliveries directly to your door.


About Your Address Post

Your address post has a solar cap that lights the interior to illuminate the letters. Where you install the post matters - the sunlight should hit the cap and the post should cast a well defined shadow for 4-8 hours per day to receive the longest charge for the battery. Since the battery is depleted every night, no matter where you install the address post, there will be some days where there is not enough sunlight and the solar cap will not receive sufficient electricity to fully charge and therefore the post will light only for a short time and sometimes will not light at all. Most nights it will illuminate, we just want you to have a realistic expectation. Also, on those nights where it does not light, it still has high contrast so that the pizza driver will easily see your address. As with all solar gizmos you can currently buy, this is to be expected and does not indicate a failure of the solar cap. In winter, the sun’s rays hit the earth at a shallow angle. These rays are more spread out, which minimizes the amount of energy that hits the solar cap, and then it will not last as long into the night as in spring, summer and early fall. Be sure to regularly clean the cap and remove dirt, snow, and ice from the solar panel.

Installation / Mounting

The Solar Address Sign Post will need to be installed where the cap receives sunlight throughout the day. If mounted in a shady location it will not work properly. The light may or may not stay on until the morning, but it should turn on automatically every evening once charged and last for a number of hours. If the length of time that the light stays on is diminishing it may be time to replace the battery (see solar cap section below).

The solar cap is separate from the post for shipping purposes. Remove the 3 cap mounting screws from the top of the post. Flip the switch on the underside of the cap to ON and orient the cap so that the 3 holes in the cap are aligned with the 3 holes in the post. Reinstall the 3 screws.

Orient the green stake so that it matches the internal supports inside the post sleeve. Pound stake into ground to the line depth shown on decal, being careful not to mushroom the end of the stake over too much when pounding (a block of wood placed on the end helps).

Slide the address post over the stake. Screw the two stainless screws into the holes to capture the stake and hold the sign to the stake (the screws do not need to align with any holes in the stake). The screws hold the sign down by pressing against the stake and will likely bow out the post a little bit.


Minor bubbles are inherent in the application of the address decal or the wrap (if applicable). They will dissipate over the next week or two.

Solar Cap

Remove the protective plastic from the solar cap.

Let the cap charge in full sun for a complete day before expecting the sign to backlight. On cloudy days and in winter the solar panel will not generate as much electricity and the battery may not be charged to full capacity. On those days, the light may not last as long into the night and this is expected as with any solar device.

The cap includes a rechargeable AA battery which will need to be replaced every so often. When the battery needs replacing you can get a new battery at any big box hardware store in the solar lighting section. Choose a Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) AA battery with the highest milliamp hour (mAh) rating available at the store. The mAh will be written on the batteries to be able to make this choice. Simply remove the 3 mounting screws and then the screws in the underside of the cap to replace the battery.


We will craft and ship your address post by the date noted on your order. This is the date it should ship, not the date you will receive it.

You have a choice of standard free shipping via UPS Ground or upgrading to express service and delivery (you can choose express delivery when you checkout for an additional $29.99 for the first package).

We make no promise about the date you will receive your package with standard free shipping only the date we will craft and ship it to you. In the current climate all carriers are challenged daily with extra deliveries and not enough help. Packages are taking longer than normal to arrive to you so plan accordingly. If you need a guaranteed arrival date, please message us via an Etsy conversation and we will custom quote our production capability and the express service/shipping upgrade cost.

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